Our equipment and facilities are accessible today during standard business hours following the Easter break.

City Makerspace – Print Lab


The Print Lab Makerspace is where staff and students of the School of Humanities, Creative Industries & Social Sciences (HCISS) can work on projects, collaborate, share ideas, and problem-solve. The equipment found in this facility supports a large amount of digital and traditional printing processes.

Location & Opening Hours

UNHG07University House, Ground Floor, Room G07

9am – 5pm Monday to Friday

Closed Public Holidays

Usage & Access

Access to the HCISS Print Lab Makerspace requires successfully completing all of the following inductions:

  1. The Level 1 General Induction
  2. The Level 2 City Makerspaces Induction

These can be found embedded in your aligned Course Canvas site:

Direct Canvas Link

Your Course > Modules > Compulsory WHS Inductions

Certain equipment requires additional specialist inductions.

Printing Services


The Makerspace has three tiers of equipment:

1) Green – General Induction

This equipment is available for use straight after successful completion of the City Makerspaces Induction.

Please ask technical staff if you cannot locate equipment.

  • A1 Rotary Cutter
  • A0+ Rotary Cutter
  • Hobbyist Plastic Files
  • Metre Rulers
  • Heat Gun
  • Heat Mat
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Set Square/Triangle
  • Staplers
  • Cutting Mats & Blades*

*The Makerspaces are the only place sharps and blades can be used due to their proximity to sharps disposal bins and first aid

2) Orange – Specialist Inductions

This equipment requires a specialist individual or small group induction by the Technical Staff

*Requires a booking

3) Red – Trained Staff Only

This equipment is to be operated by Technical and trained staff only

*Requires a booking to be there for the direction of usage

Booking Equipment & Rooms

Once your inductions have been completed and access is approved (this may take a couple of days) you will be able to book equipment and rooms using the Booking Point system. 

Service Bureau (Specialist Printing & Cutting Services)

These are the different services offered by HCISS Technical for an additional cost. These costs can be covered under a Course Materials Fee or as separate, individual payments.

Printing Services HCISS Stores

Additional Resources

Updated on August 15, 2023

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