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Accessing the UNH Traka Box


The UNH Traka Box contains keys to the Edit Suites. To access these, you must successfully complete the Level 1 General Induction each calendar year, this can be found in the Induction Catalogue:

Induction Catalogue

After successful completion of the General Induction, you must book your desired room via the Room Booking System:

Room Booking System

In University House, once you have booked your space, you are required to use the TRAKA key lockbox found outside the UNH102 Co-Lab, using your student card, to access a physical key to let you into the required room.


Outside UNH102, Level 1 (close to the lifts)
Tap your student or staff card on the red access point
Identify your required key
Key NumberRoom NumberRoom TypeRequired Induction
15UNH125General Edit SuiteGeneral Induction
16UNH126General Edit SuiteGeneral Induction
17UNH127General Edit SuiteGeneral Induction
18UNH128General Edit SuiteGeneral Induction
Select the key on the touchscreen
Remove key and take to desired room

Don’t forget to return your key after use!

Updated on June 29, 2023

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