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The Conservatorium of Music

The Conservatorium of Music (affectionally referred to as The Con) is located on the corner of Laman Street and Auckland Street. For the School of Humanities, Creative Industries & Social Sciences (HCISS), the Conservatorium of Music primarily houses the Bachelor of Music & Performing Arts Degree, community programs, and external events. 

The building code for The Conservatorium of Music is CON. Rooms are labelled according to their building code, level, and room number.

For instance, CON222 is The Conservatorium of Music, Level 2, Room 222. 

If you need help finding a room, ask the friendly staff or a helpful app is MazeMap.

Opening Hours

Open Access

8am – 6pm Monday to Friday

Secure Access*

7am – 8am & 6pm – 10pm Monday to Friday

8am – 10pm Saturday & Sunday

*Secure Access can be acquired from completion of the General Induction.

Please note that most areas are key and card access restricted and are subject to the availability of the technical staff.  

Technical Staff Availability

9am – 5pm Monday to Friday 

Technical Staff Office Location: CON111 – The Conservatorium, First Floor, Room 111 

Room Access & Required Inductions

Successful completion of the General Induction is required before the access of additional inductions is granted.

Start General Induction
Type Of RoomRooms AvailableInduction Required
Computer LabCON201General Induction
Lecture SpaceCON215General Induction
Practice RoomsCON224-230, CON301, CON311, CON401 & CON416 General Induction
Audio Production StudiosCON204, CON206, CON211 & CON213,Level 2 CON Audio Production Area Studios Induction
Rehearsal SpacesCONG02, CONG06-09, CON143, CON144Level 2 City Rehearsal & Performance Studios Induction
Recording StudioCON315Level 2 CON315 Recording Studio Induction
Post Production StudioCON222/223Level 2 CON222 Post Production Studio Induction
Live RoomCON213Level 2 CON Audio Production Studios Induction
Concert HallCON235
Early Childhood MusicCON102
Percussion RoomCON144Level 1 Rehearsal Studios CON/NH Induction
Peter Martin StudioCON143General Induction
Organ RoomCON215General Induction
Use MazeMap to locate rooms

Room & Equipment Bookings

Equipment and room bookings are done through the Booking Point system:

Evacuation Point

The emergency evacuation meeting point for The Conservatorium of Music is at Civic Park.

The Conservatorium of Music evacuation point: Civic Park
Updated on April 20, 2023

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