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Student WordPress Terms & Conditions

Web publishing and Content Management via WordPress is primarily used by Bachelor of Communication Students to publish online content such as blogs, portfolios, and research publication sites, it is also used by HCISS teaching course sites. 

HCISS Technical Officers provide day administrative functions to the staff and students as required. Should there be any issues, please submit a ticket selecting WordPress as the impacted area: https://hciss.newcastle.edu.au/technical/ticket/  


1. Compliance with Policies  

(a) You agree to comply with all policies and procedures of the University regarding your use of HCISS WordPress site 

(b) You agree to ensure that anyone accessing (including posting or commenting) on your HCISS WordPress site also complies with the University’s policies and procedures.  

2. Moderation of HCISS WORDPRESS  

(a) You agree that you are the administrator of your HCISS WordPress site and are therefore responsible for ensuring your site always complies with these Terms of Use.  

(b)  You agree that you will not post or use (or allow to be posted or used) any offensive, discriminatory, defamatory, or similar material which would breach these Terms of Use, the University’s policies and procedures, any law or could be considered to cause offence to any person.  

(c) You agree that as administrator you are responsible for regularly reviewing your HCISS WordPress site and moderating any material referred to in 2(b) above (including any comments posted to your site).  

3. Intellectual Property  

(a) You agree that you will not post or otherwise use any material on your HCISS WORDPRESS site that may breach the intellectual property rights of any other party. This includes posting or using videos, audio, or images on your site.  

(b) Creative commons licensed materials are a useful source of material that you may be able to use on your site (subject to complying with the terms of the license, such as attribution of authorship). See http://creativecommons.org.au/learn/  

(c) You acknowledge and agree the University’s Intellectual Property policy applies to your HCISS WordPress site.  

4. Disclaimer  

(a) You agree that you will not state (explicitly or impliedly) that the material you post or otherwise use on your HCISS WordPress site represents the views of the University or that you are posting or commenting on its behalf.  

(b) You agree that you will not alter or remove the disclaimer that has been included in the default HCISS WordPress templates.  

5. Right to Modify, Suspend or Remove 

(a) The University reserves the right to modify, suspend or remove your HCISS WordPress site at its absolute discretion. 

The material or views expressed on HCISS WordPress are those of the author and do not represent those of the University. Please report any offensive or improper use of this HCISS WordPress to HCISS-wordpress@newcastle.edu.au.  

Updated on August 16, 2022

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