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Rotolight Neo 3

On Camera Light


Brand: Rotolight

Model: Neo 3

Manufacture URL: https://www.rotolight.com/neo3/

Access and Usage

Location: Q Building – Q105 – Tech Office

Induction(s) Required:

  • L1 General Induction
  • L2 Q Communication Studios Induction

These can be found embedded in your aligned Course Canvas site:

Direct Canvas Link

Your Course > Modules > Compulsory WHS Inductions

The manual is available to download by clicking “Article Attachments” below, please note, the most up-to-date information will be found on the manufacturer’s website. Please note this manual is for educational purposes only.

Kit Contents

  • 3 x NEO 3 Lights
  • 3 x Diffuser domes
  • 3 x NEO 3 NPF-750 Battery
  • 3 x USB Charging cables
  • 1 x Dual Channel Fast Battery Charger
  • 3 x Cold Shoe Adaptor
  • 3 x Articulate hot shoe mounts
  • 3 x Light stands
  • 1x Hard Roller Case
  • Gel & Filter packs

Technical Specifications

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Peak Output
Continuous: 5443 Lux @ 3ft
Flash: 10,700 Lux @ 3ft

Lux at 3ft: F-stop at ISO 100: F10 F-stop at ISO 200: F14 F-stop at ISO 400: F20
Lux at 6ft: F-stop at ISO 100: F4 F-stop at ISO 200: F5.6 F-stop at ISO 400: F7.1
Lux at 9ft: F-stop at ISO 100: F2.8 F-stop at ISO 200: F3.5 F-stop at ISO 400: F5

TLCI: 99

CRI: 95

Power Consumption: 50W

Battery Type: NPF-750, 7.4V, 50W

Mounting: 1/4” – 20 or Cold shoe

Dimensions: 145mm(W) x 50mm(D)

Wireless Control: WIFI & Bluetooth via IOS & Android app

Beam Angle: 50 degrees

Max Shutter Speed Sync: 1/8000th

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Updated on June 27, 2023

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