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RISO Printer (A4/A3)


The School of Humanities, Creative Industries & Social Sciences has one of only two operating RISO A2 Duplicators in Australia. Below is information on how to incorporate this piece of equipment into your projects. 


UNH G07 – University House Makerspace Printlab 

Access & Usage

As the Riso is a Class Red piece of equipment the physical operation of the printer is limited to Technical Staff. However, with access to the Makerspace, you will be able to be a part of the creative process and iterate your designs during production. 

Class Red Equipment
The Riso is Class Red Equipment

To access the Makerspace, you must complete two Inductions, the General Induction and the City Makerspaces Induction. These can be found via the Induction Catalogue:

Once inducted, you must book in a timeslot – found under Day View in the Equipment Booking System – to use the RISO, please see:

Payment requires the master material, set up for additional colours and each copy that can be run through. Please see:

Once your print is prepared and booking is made, it can be submitted at any time prior to your booking via:



There are four colours available: black, medium blue, fluorescent pink & yellow.

  • Black – HEX 000000
  • Medium Blue – HEX 3255A4
  • Yellow – HEX FFE800
  • Fluorescent Pink – HEX FF48B0


Paper Weight (GSM): 120GSM

Maximum size: 42

Minimum size: A3

Common Problems 


Roller marks 

Further Reading 

Stencil Wiki – All possible colours available on RISO Machines

Rizzeria – Sydney Based RISO Print Company

Risograh Overview – Wikipedia Article

Updated on February 7, 2024

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