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Request a Specialist Induction


Access to specialist equipment or spaces outside of normal class requirements may be required for research, particular assignments or work integrated learning outcomes.

For equity purposes, the primary users of bookings are classes, however, if there is available time outside class usage needs, specialist equipment and spaces may be booked upon completion of the associated specialist induction.

Please check that you do not already have access to the induction through your course sites in Canvas.

If you do not have a specialist induction through your course Canvas sites, please follow the steps below.

How to Request a Specialist Induction

  1. Submit a Technical Ticket Request (form found below)
  2. Select ‘Booking System, Induction or Uni Swipe/Traka Access’ as the impacted area.
  3. Under the ‘What do you require’ section, note which induction, equipment, or room you require access to.
  4. Provide as much additional information about the scope of your project* or evidence of approval from your supervisor (e.g. tutor, lecturer, course coordinator or manager). This can be attached in the Upload Relevant Information section of the form

*To improve the chances of approval of this request, please add your course code, time frame of project, and intended use of equipment/room.




Updated on March 14, 2023

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