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How to Book a Pin-Up Space for Staff


There are two main areas used for pin-ups and assessment critique in University House: G01 Exhibition Gallery on the Mila Walls and 102 Co-Lab on the grey pin boards.

The G01 Exhibition Space is split into 4 areas – King Street End, Inside (white walls) & Outside (pinning surface) and the Theatrette End, Inside & Outside

In 102, there are 60 lineal metres of pin-boards (double-sided for 120lm total) that can be set up as required.

Access & Usage

Pin-up spaces must be booked by the course coordinators in advance using the University House booking system. This should be discussed amongst all course coordinators prior to semester start to minimise clashes.

No pins are to be used on the interior walls. Instead, Blu-tack or similar wall tacks or the hanging rails and wires are to be used.

Pins longer than 5mm are not to be used on the outer pinning surfaces in G01

Current G01 Configuration

Troubleshooting & Solutions

Booking a critique space step by step


Mila Walls are semi moveable gallery & exhibition walls. The school has 60 of these walls, of which 41 are in a permanent fixture during semester. They are to be moved and assembled by trained technical staff only.

Each wall is 1m wide x 2.5m in height, the corners are 0.1 x 0.1 x 2.5m in size.

They are vinyl wrapped and have attachable gallery rail in 1 and 2 metre lengths.

The walls must be set to a maximum of 3 : 1 ratio. i.e. for every 3 walls long, there must be a 1m stabilising ‘kicker’ wall.

Updated on June 29, 2023

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