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Photo Studio Tethered Capture – Guide


You must complete two inductions to be able to access the Photo Studio. The Level 1 General Induction and the Level 2 Photography Induction. These can be found via the Induction Catalogue:

Induction Catalogue

Book a timeslot to secure studio usage:

Set Up

Step 1 – Identify Your Connection Type

The most common connector ports on your camera are likely be one of the three most common, these are:

Thomann USB 3.1 Cable Typ A/C 1m – Thomann UK
USB Micro B
USB Mini B

Take note of what the port type on your camera is and let technical staff know when you enter the room. Dedicated studio cables are provided for these three types, we may not be able to provide a cable for other connection types.

Step 2 – Sign in

Sign into the computer using your student credentials

Step 3 – Choose your tethering program

Dragonframe - Wikipedia
EOS Utility – RoaringApps
Canon EOS Utility
For tethered shooting, use Adobe Lightroom Classic

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, discuss with your tutor or technical staff for more information.

Lightroom Classic

For Lightroom Classic users:

  1. Open Lightroom Classic and sign in to your Adobe account using your student credentials
  2. Go the Lightroom menu File > Tethered Capture > Start Tethered Capture
  3. Select save location, press ok and wait for Lightroom to detect your camera
  4. Begin shooting, using Lightroom to review your files

Canon EOS Utility

Does not work with non-canon cameras
For Canon EOS Utility users:

  1. Open Canon EOS Utility
  2. Select Live View Shoot, adjust settings and save location
  3. Begin shooting, using Preview to review your files


For advanced users only. Please seek technical staff for assistance if you have not used this software before in animation electives.

Further Reading

Updated on June 27, 2023

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