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Materials & Chemicals

Information regarding how chemicals and new materials are managed in the Makerspaces.

Some materials and chemicals used in making can be harmful to you and those around you when used in inappropriate ways. For example when some plastics are laser cut, they release acidic or corrosive chemicals that are destructive to the machine and dangerous to the operator and environment.

To ensure the safety of all users and staff, and limit environmental damage, you must either use approved materials that can be purchased through the Makerspace Online Materials Store or have the materials and chemicals you wish to work with in the Makerspaces approved by the Technical Team.

Approved Materials Available for Purchase

The Makerspaces provide a range of materials for purchase that are approved and safe to use within the Makerspaces facilities. These can be purchased via the Online Materials Store.

Approved External Suppliers

The individual Makerspaces have approved chemicals / materials that can be sourced from external commercial suppliers. It is recommended to work with materials identified by the Technical Team to avoid delays and hurdles.

Non-Approved Materials

If you wish to use materials and chemicals that are not provided through the Makerspaces you must have these approved before use. For approval please follow these instructions:

  • Source the Material Safety and Data Sheet (MSDS) for the material or chemical. This information will detail the potentially harmful risks of the chemical / material and how these risks can be managed. By law all suppliers are required to make this available upon request.
  • Provide the MSDS along with a sample of the material or chemical and a description of how you intend to work with the chemical / material to Technical Team for review and approval. Please be aware that providing the MSDS does not guarantee that the chemical/material will be safe to use in the Makerspaces and therefore may not be approved.

This guide is based on the Maker Spaces of the Melbourne School of Design Knowledge Base Article

Updated on September 15, 2022

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