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Portable Audio Recorder – H2N Handy Recorder

A versatile portable audio recorder featuring multiple microphones, adjustable recording patterns, and advanced audio capture capabilities suitable for various applications such as field recording, interviews, and live music.

Brand: Zoom

Model: H2

Manufacture URL

Access & Usage

Pick-Up Location: The Conservatorium of MusicCON111 – Tech Office

Induction(s) Required:

  • L1 General Induction
  • L2 City Performance & Rehearsal Studios Inductions

These inductions can be found inside Canvas:

Direct Canvas Link

Your Course > Modules > Compulsory WHS Inductions

This resource may be course dependent, please speak to Technical Staff for more information.

Technical Specifications

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Recording Media: 16MB–2GB SD cards, 4GB–32GB SDHC cards

Built-in Memory: Up to 1 minute in 96kbps MP3 format (Recording overwrites any previous
recording in memory)

Mic Arrangements: 90˚ X/Y stereo, MS stereo with adjustable side mic level

Recording Modes: MS, XY, MS+XY (2ch), MS+XY (4ch)

Microphone Types: Directional (XY, MS mid mics), Bidirectional (MS side mic)

Maximum Sound Pressure Input: 120 dB spl (directional), 122 dB spl (bi-directional)


Stereo Uncompressed PCM: 44.1 / 48 / 96kHz, 16 / 24bit WAV (BWF)

Compressed MP3 (Recording): 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 56 /64/80/96/112/128/160/192/
224/256/320kbps (Not compatible with MS-RAW recording)

Compressed MP3 (Playback): 44.1kHz, 48kHz,

4CH Uncompressed PCM: 44.1 / 48 / 96kHz, 16 / 24bit WAV (BWF) (Two stereo files for each


A/D Conversion: 24-bit 128× oversampling

D/A Conversion: 24-bit 128× oversampling

Signal Processing: 32-bit

Recording Time (2GB CARD): 3:08:00 (44.1kHz/16bit WAV), 34:43:00 (128kbps MP3)


Lo Cut: 80Hz high-pass filter

Comp/Limiter: 3 types of compressors and 3 types of limiters

Auto Gain: Automatic input gain adjustment (3 levels)

Pre Rec: 2 seconds of pre-recording

Auto Rec: Automatic recording start/stop, continuous standby

Tuner: Chromatic, guitar, bass and alternate (A/E/G/D/DADGAD) tunings with automatic string

Metronome: 40–250 BPM range, five tones, pre-count

Speed: Playback speed adjustable between 50–150%

Key Control: Playback pitch adjustable ±6 semitones (Cannot be used with 96kHz files)

AB Repeat: Repeats playback between selected points in a file

File Divide: Divides a file into two

File Normalize: Maximizes file volume (Cannot be used with MP3s)

File MP3 Encode: Converts WAV files to MP3 formats at fixed bit rates

Mark: Up to 99 marks (WAV files only)

Surround Mixer: Adjusts mix balance when playing back 4ch surround recordings


Display Graphic: 128×64 pixels backlit LCD

Input Gain: 0 to +39 dB

Input Jack: Line/mic stereo mini jack with plug-in power, 2 kΩ impedance at input levels of 0
to –39 dBm

Output Jack: Line/headphone stereo mini jack, Rated output level: −10 dBm (output impedance
10 kΩ or more)

Headphones: 20 mW + 20 mW (into 32 Ω load)

Built-in Speaker: 400mW, 8Ω, mono

USB: Mini-B type, Card reader operation, USB 2.0 HIGH SPEED (Audio interface operation),
USB 1.0 FULL SPEED (Supports 44.1 / 48kHz sampling rates and 16-bit rate), USB bus power operation supported

Power: Two AA batteries, AD-17 USB to AC adapter (DC 5V 1A), Continuous operation of 20 or more hours when recording 44.1kHz/16-bit WAV files using alkaline batteries

Physical Features: Tripod mounting socket, strap attachment

Dimensions: 67.6mm (W) × 113.85mm (H) × 42.7mm (D)

Weight: 130 g (without batteries)

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Updated on July 13, 2023

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