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Flashgun – Canon Speedlite 470EX-AI


Brand: Canon

Model: Canon 470EX-AI

Manufacture URLhttps://canon.com.au/

Access and Usage

Location: University HouseUNHG03 – Tech Office

Induction(s) Required:

L1 General Induction

L2 Photography Induction

The manual is available to download by clicking “Article Attachments” below, please note, the most up-to-date information will be found on the manufacturer’s website. Please note this manual is for educational purposes only.

Kit Contents

  • Canon 470EX-AI Speed Light
  • Bag
  • AA Batteries
  • Light Modifiers

Technical Specifications

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Angle of Flash Coverage
Auto: 24-105mm
Manual with Diffuser: 14mm

AF Assist Beam
AF Assist Beam Type: Infrared AF-assist beam
AF Assist Beam Points: 1 to 16
AF Assist Beam Min Focal Length: 28mm
AF Assist Beam Range – Center: 2.3–32.8’/0.7–10.0m
AF Assist Beam Range – Periphery: 3.3–16.4’/1.0–5.0m

Flash Exposure Modes
Auto Exposure Standards Supported: E-TTL II/E-TTL
External Auto Flash Exposure Sensor: N
Manual Flash Exposure: Y

Features Controllable from Flash
High Speed Sync: Y
Flash Exposure Lock (FEL): Y
Flash Exposure Compensation (FEC): Y
Flash Exposure Bracketing (FEB): Y
Second Curtain Flash Sync: Y
Modelling Flash: Y
Color Temperature Info Communication: Y
Supports Flash Settings by Camera Menu (Enables many options not available directly on the flash): Y
Custom Functions: 10
Personal Functions: 9

Wireless Flash Capabilities
Wireless Flash Transmitter Capability: N
Wireless Transmission Type:
Transmitter Max Range – Indoors: 32.8′ (10m)
Transmitter Max Range – Outdoors: 19.7 – 32.8′ (6m / 10m)
Wireless Flash Slave Capability: Optical
Wireless Flash Groups: 3
Wireless Flash Channels: 4
Remote Shutter Release Capability: N

Flash Head Movement Range
Flash Head Movement Up: 0°-120°
Flash Head Movement Down:
Flash Head Movement Left: 0°-180°
Flash Head Movement Right: 0°-180°

Flash Features
Dust and Water Resistance: N
PC Terminal: N

Power Source
Power Source: 4x AA
Number of Flashes (approx): 140–966
Recycling Time – NiMH (approx): 0.1 to 3.5 sec.
Recycling Time – Alkaline (approx): 0.1 – 5.5 sec.
External Power Source:

Size (WxHxD): 2.94 x 5.13 x 4.14 ” (74.6 x 130.4 x 105.1mm)
Weight: 13.6 oz (385g)

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Updated on February 21, 2023

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