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COVID-19 Technical Operations Extended

Article Contents : 

COVID-19 Control Measures 

Accessing Campus 

– Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) 

Technical Support 

Class Support (Phase 3) 

Equipment Hire 

– Contactless Pickup and Return 

Cleaning and Quarantine of Equipment 

Store Hours 

Sanitisation and Hygiene packs 

Please note that these disclaimers may change in accordance with The University of Newcastle and NSW Health COVID-19 Guidelines. 

COVID-19 Control Measures 

Due to risks imposed by COVID-19, HCISS technical operations have been modified for all support services. These changes have been administered to align with NSW Health Guidelines and the University COVID-19 policy with a focus on the safety of staff, students, and members of the community. 

If you cannot follow the HCISS COVID-19 control measures,  then  DO NOT  attend campus. Contact your lecturer or  supervisor  to discuss your situation to make alternate arrangements. 

Staff and Students  MUST NOT  come onto campus if they are feeling  unwell,  have  any  flu like  symptoms  including cough, fever, headache, sore throat, sneezing, are under isolation restrictions,  have or been in close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19.  If  so,  please seek medical advice and contact your supervisor or lecturer. 

If any staff or student are observed as showing symptoms whilst on campus, they will be asked to leave, seek medical advice and isolate. Personal details will be collected and forwarded onto the University health response team for assistance. Satisfactory medical documentation will be required before returning to campus. Failure to comply while onsite will result in security services called for assistance.  

Staff and student in HCISS must  adhere to  cough/sneeze  etiquette and personal infection controls.  Please see posters displayed around campus for further information 

All staff and students are required to follow UON hygiene guidelines regarding COVID-19 

Accessing Campus  

Staff and students are required to complete all relevant  inductions  to access facilities and resources as part of WH&S and course work requirements. 

Access to campus facilities will be for approved course work and will require swipe or key access to spaces. All users are required to reserve and confirm all onsite bookings for facilities and follow COVID-19 protocols when on campus. Failure to comply can result in restricted access to campus and facilities. 

Security services may check or request booking details when on campus. Whilst on campus your student or staff card must be carried at all times for identification processes. 

When entering a building: 

  • Access facilities via swipe card or key. 
  • Face masks must be worn on campus. 

Ensure that: 

  • Wash and sanitize hands prior to all classwork. 
  • Wipe down equipment before and after use.  
  • Do not share equipment unless it has been cleaned appropriately. 
  • Follow space occupancy limits. Failure to comply will result in restricted access to facilities
  • Adhere to social distancing guidelines while on campus 
  • Follow cough etiquette  
  • Stay at home if you are sick and seek medical support  

Personal Protection Equipment 

All staff and students are required to provide personal PPE equipment while undertaking course work on campus in HCISS specialist facilities 

Recording studios / Rehearsal Studios – Earplugs, Headphones. 

Makerspace activities – Facemask (KN95/ P2), safety glasses. (Limited quantities can be purchased via the HCISS online store). 

Technical Support (Phase 2-3) 

Returning to onsite technical operations will be based upon a 3-phase approach. These will be administered to align with NSW health and University guidelines. 

HCISS Technical provide support services to the School of Humanities, Creative Industries & Social Sciences. The following standard operating procedure allows us to continue these services in a COVID-19 safe way.  Please follow these steps for technical support.  

STEP 1: Staff and students to utilise the HCISS Technical website (supPORTAL) for FAQ and trouble shooting.  

STEP 2: Submit an Issue or Request ticket (supPORTAL). Technical staff will triage and be in contact. 

STEP 3: Support call to Technical (02) 4985 4542 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm). 

During Phase 2: Please  DO NOT  visit Technical Offices (CON 111, UNH G03, Q 105) unless advised to do so by Technical Staff. Support and requests can be made via the  supPORTAL  or by contacting the technical team (Meet the team

Technical staff may ask you to wait outside your room while we service your request.  

Phase 1

Nuspace, University House, Northumberland House, Conservatorium of Music and Building Q are CLOSED. 

  • Campus CLOSED to students
  • Technical staff Working From Home or onsite with minimal staffing (Team A/ Team B)
  • No access to facilities or resources
  • No face–to-face technical support – Only email, phone, zoom calls during operation hours (Mon – Fri 9am-5pm)
  • All technical request logged through supPORTAL

Phase 2

  • Campus OPEN with limited access to facilities. (Approved coursework only) 
  • Completed inductions required for access to facilities and resources 
  • Minimal technical staff onsite. The technical team will work on a rotating weekly roster (Team A/ Team B)​ 
  • Limited resource available based upon COVID-19 restrictions – Contactless pickup/ return 
  • No face–to-face technical support – Only email, phone, Zoom calls during operation hours (Mon – Fri 9am-5pm) 
  • All technical request logged through supPORTAL 

Phase 3 – Active

  • Campus OPEN with full access to facilities. 
  • Completed inductions required  for access to facilities and resources. 
  • All technical staff onsite​ 
  • Unrestricted bookings of facilities and resources allowed​ 
  • Face–to-face support allowed – Zoom, email, phone support  during operation hours (Mon – Fri 9am-5pm)​ 
  • All technical request logged through  supPORTAL 

Class Support – Phase 3 only 

To support classes safely, technical staff will be required to use PPE when providing support.  This is for facilities across the city campus (Conservatorium, University House, Northumberland House, Nuspace, Building Q) 

  • Where room capacities are exceeded, students or staff will be asked to vacate the room while technical assist in the space. 
  • Staff are required to log all technical  request through the  supPORTAL  48 hours prior to the class for requirements. Failure to do so may result in the request not being actioned or support limited. 
  • Equipment will be provided in the nominated pickup area and will be sanitized in accordance with the HCISS COVID -19 cleaning protocol. 
  • Equipment will be sanitized or wiped down prior to returning to technical by academic staff and students 
  • Setup and pack down of facilities will be on scheduled times to minimise exposure with staff and students where possible 

Hiring of Equipment – Phase 2 & 3 

All equipment  MUST  be booked through the online booking system (Booking Point). Equipment must be reserved to ensure its availability. Items are to be collected and returned in the allocated times so that technical staff can clean and quarantine resources prior to returning to service.  

The loan period varies on each individual resource. This allows facilities and resources to be monitored, quarantined, cleaned and traceable in the potential event of an outbreak.   

Access to resources and facilities will be granted after inductions are successfully completed, please allow 5-7 business day for processing into the booking system. Please check with technical staff in your area if you need assistance or do not have correct approved access.   

Assets that cannot be practically cleaned are unavailable for loan, high risk items will no longer be available (headphones).  

Please see list of pre-approved loanable  equipment  here:   

Additional resources can be requested through the  supPORTAL  ticketing system. 

Please see knowledge base article for detailed instructions on booking equipment. 

The Ad-hoc hire system is available in a limited capacity. 

Failure to return items on time or late will result in demerit points and can affect the borrower’s privileges.  

Should any issues arise while equipment is in your possession, please submit a ticket. Issues can include; You have been placed into lockdown, you are displaying signs of sickness, you have been identified as a casual contact. 

Please contact technical support should there be any reason preventing pickup or drop off of equipment during booked times. 

Contactless Pickup / Return  (Phase 2 & 3) 

When the campus is open and resources are allowed to be loaned. Please follow the steps provided for collection and returning of resources during the contactless phase.  

Do not attend technical offices for any collections, unless instructed by technical staff. 

Step 1: Upon arrival to campus and collection of equipment, the borrower will be required to contact technical staff in the designated facility to arrange the contactless pickup. A confirmation email will be sent which will contain location and pick up time prior to collection. 

Step 2: Technical staff will provide details of location for collection of equipment. These will be in scheduled time slots. 

Step 3: The returning of items will be arranged with technical staff during the pickup phase. 


Small items will be placed in a nominated locker for collection across HCISS facilities. Technical staff will be in contact to nominate a pickup and return locker prior to booking. Further information will be provided upon successful booking of the resource via email. 

Locations of Lockers 

CON 201 – Traka key access required for locker 

Uni House Level 1 – Pin code access required for locker 

Q Building – Pin code access required for locker 

Cleaning / Quarantine of Equipment  

Where practical, loanable equipment will be cleaned by technical staff after each use.  All equipment is subject to an airing time of 2 hours between bookings where equipment is to be kept in a designated  holding  area.  

Items will be cleaned with one of the following products where applicable: 

  • Anti-bacterial wipes 
  • Glen 20 surface spray 
  • Alcohol wipes 
  • Soap and water 
  • Solvents 

Store Hours

All equipment  MUST  be picked up during store hours (10am-4pm) and bookings  MUST  be made prior to collection.  

No equipment substitutes will be allowed during  Phase 2 due to contactless collection. 

Allocated times for pickup/drop for large bulkier items will be managed by technical staff via email. 

Equipment Store Locations: 

Conservatorium (CON 111/CON148) 

University House (UNH G03)  

Northumberland House (NTH 106) 

Q Building (Q105)  

Store Hours:  Monday-Friday 10am – 4pm 


Packs are available across our facilities and include the following: 

Fixed Locations 

The Conservatorium

  • Level 1 Foyer Entrance – Sanitation station  
  • Level 2 (CON 201) – Anti bacterial wipes 

Uni House: 

  • University House Entrance Hallway – Hand Sanitiser 
  • University House (G07) – Hand Sanitiser 


  • Ground Level Foyer Entrance – Sanitation station  
  • Level 1 (Q105) – Anti bacterial wipes, Glen-20 

Portable kits contain the following: 

  1. Anti–bacterial wipes 
  1. Hand sanitation  


Conservatorium: CON104 Sign in/out required for packs. (For Staff Only) 

University House: UNHG03 Sign in/out required for packs. (For Staff Only) 

Q Building: Q105 Sign in/out required for packs. (For Staff Only) 

HCISS Vehicle Loaning (Staff Only) 

  1. Booking of HCISS UoN vehicle is made through the respective outlook calendar. Please log a supPORTAL ticket if you do not have access to arrange a booking. 

Details to include in your booking request. 

  • Name  
  • Contact 
  • Journey/Purpose 
  1. Keys are located in (CON 111) Technical Office. Please arrange a time for Pickup/Return of keys with technical staff. 
  1. Log book is required for all journeys.  
  1. Hygiene kits are located in each vehicle and staff must follow UoN vehicle sanitisation guidelines. 

Vehicle will be monitored for cleaning and hygiene pack restocks. 

Updated on April 11, 2022

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