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City Precinct CoLabs

UNHG01 CoLab


CoLabs (coworking/collaboration labs) are open-plan rooms containing different types of equipment and workspaces.


The CON302/308 CoLab is located on the third floor of the Conservatorium of Music


The UNHG01 CoLab found in the downstairs area of University House, is the quieter working space of the two co-labs in University House, aimed at students who are setting up for the day to work on their assignments. 

The space has several student-available iMacs, Wacoms, external displays, rotary cutters, BYOD desks, and two flatbed A3 scanners.

Tucked to the WattSpace side of the room are the OnePrint printer and photocopier. 


The UNH102 CoLab found in the upstairs level 1 area of University House, is the more sociable working space of the two CoLabs in University House, aimed at groups of students waiting on classes with a space to work on their assignments. 

The space has several student-available iMacs, Wacoms, external displays, BYOD desks, lounges, a OnePrint printer, and a flatbed A3 scanner.


The Q111 CoLab found on Level 1 of the Q Building, is a sociable working space in Q Building.

It contains a kitchenette, multiple iMacs, BYOD desks, and a OnePrint printer.

Location & Opening Hours

UNHG01 – University House, Ground Floor, Room G01

UNH102University House, Level 1, Room 102

Q111Q Building, Level 1, Room 111

CON302/308 – Conservatorium of Music, Level 3, Room 302 & 308

Open Access Hours

DayOpening Hours
Monday – Friday8:00 am – 6:00 pm
WeekendsSecure Access Only
Closed Public Holidays

Secure Access Hours*

DayOpening Hours
Monday – Friday7:00 am – 8:00 am, 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Weekends8:00 am – 10:00pm
*Card access and relevant inductions are required

Access & Usage

To work in the CoLabs, you must complete the General Induction. This can be found via the Induction Catalogue:

The equipment in the CoLabs are not bookable pieces of equipment and operate on a first-in-first-served principle.  

However, if you are not using the equipment for its intended purpose (e.g. scanning on the scanner-connected computers, or illustrating on the Wacom-connected computers), you will be asked to find another machine when limited machines are available. 

Further Reading

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Updated on May 10, 2023

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