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CNC Router – Overview

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The CNC router is a computer-controlled cutting machine that uses rotating cutting tools to precisely shape and carve various materials such as wood, plastic, and metal.


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Access & Usage

To submit jobs to the CNC, you must complete two inductions:

  1. The Level 1 General Induction
  2. The Level 2 City Makerspaces Induction

These can be found embedded in your aligned Course Canvas site:

Direct Canvas Link

Your Course > Modules > Compulsory WHS Inductions

This will enable you access to the Makerspace privilege set in the Booking System which includes the CNC Router. Then you can book the CNC Router with Technical Support and will be a part of the creative process to iterate your designs during production. 

A Class Equipment Sign reading "to be operated by technical and inducted staff only"
Class Equipment Sign

As the CNC Router is a Class Red piece of equipment, the physical operation of the machine is limited to Technical and inducted staff only

Level 3 Inductions

If staff & research students become frequent users of level 3 resources, it is often in their best interest to be inducted into the full operational use of the machine. The level 3 induction involves a series of conversation-provoking questions surrounding the safe operation of the machine, general workflow, troubleshooting, and emergency procedures. Please discuss with the technical staff if you believe you are likely to become or are already a frequent user of a level 3 resource and require its induction.

Booking & Submission Uploads

The CNC Router is found under Day View in the Equipment Booking System. It will only be visible once associated inductions are completed:

Upload your submissions here:

CNC Job Submission


HCISS Staff & Students:

Technical Specifications

Brand: i2R

Model: A24

Maximum size: 1220 x 610mm

Minimum size: 100 x 100mm

Workable Materials:

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Travel in X axis: 610mm

Travel in Y axis: 1220mm

Travel in Z axis: 150mm

Overall footprint: 1600L x 950W x 770H (mm)

Machine weight: 150 kg

Bottom of the collet to Tslot table height: 165mm

Rapid Feed rate: 6000mm/min (83mm/sec) in XY, 2000mm/min (33mm/sec) in Z

Spindle Options: ER20 High power water-cooled HF spindle 0-24,000RPM

Software Compatibility: PC Based Ethernet controller running UCCNC software

Drive system Electronics: High-power stepper motors

Limit and homing sensors: Inductive sensors running on 12V DC on XY and Z

Drive system: 16mm Ballscrew drives on XY and Z | Repeatability within 0.05mm

Thrust support: Double angle contact bearings preloaded at the thrust end of ballscrew support

Linear motion system: Profiled linear rails on all axes

Cable management: Full cable management on all axes

Core components: Steel base | Cast Y cross member and up stands | Custom Aluminium
extrusion bridge

Machine bed: Tslot table with integrated MDF spoil-board as standard

Tool length sensing: Configured for conductive tool touch-off sensing

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Updated on July 11, 2023

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