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How to Book an Animation Pod


To book an animation pod, you must first have successfully completed the Level 1 General Induction and the Level 2 City Animation Studios Induction, these can be found via the Induction Catalogue:

How to Guide

1. Log in to the Room Booking System:

Room Booking System

2. Once logged in, change to Day View

Switching to Day View Booking System

3. Search for ‘animation’ or change the filter type to Q – Animation Pods or UNH – Animation Pods

Searching by animation
Filter by Q – Animation Pods or UNH – Animation Pods

4. Select an available time slot

White slots indicate available slots

5. Double check time and date

6. Save your reservation – Green signifies that it is successfully booked

Blue = in cart. Green = Booked.
Troubleshooting & Solutions
Updated on January 12, 2023

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