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Ambeo VR Mic

An Ambisonic microphone featuring four matched condenser capsules, allowing for capturing of immersive audio for 360-degree spatial audio applications such as 3D audio capture and reproduction, VR content creation, 360-degree videos, and immersive audio experiences.

Brand: Sennheiser

Model: Ambeo VR Microphone – Ambisonic Microphone

Manufacture URL: https://en-au.sennheiser.com/microphone-3d-audio-ambeo-vr-mic

The manual is available to download by clicking “Article Attachments” below. The most up-to-date information will be found on the manufacturer’s website. Please note this manual and images used are for educational purposes only.

Access & Usage

Pick-Up Location: The Conservatorium of MusicCON111 – Tech Office

Induction(s) Required:

  • L1 General Induction
  • L2 City Performance & Rehearsal Studios Inductions

These inductions can be found inside Canvas:

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Technical Specifications

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Transducer principle: Pre-polarized condenser microphone

Weight: 1.060 g

Microphone connector: DIN12M, use enclosed adapter cable to convert to 4x XLR3M Polarity:
Pin1 (GND), Pin2 (+), Pin3 (-)

Pick-up pattern: 4x cardioid, in A-format arrangement (1: front-left-up [FLU], 2: front-right-
down [FRD], 3: back-left-down [BLD], 4: back-right-up [BRU])

Nominal impedance: Approx. 200 Ω

Min. terminating impedance: 1000 Ω

Storage temperature: -20 °C to 70 °C (-4 °F to 158 °F)

Operating temperature: -10 °C to 55 °C (14 °F to 131 °F)

Equivalent noise level: 18 dB-A as per IEC 61672-1 / 27 dB CCIR as per CCIR 468-3

Power supply: 4x phantom powering (P48) as per IEC 61938 (48 ± 4 V), 3.5 mA each

Sensitivity: 31 mV/Pa (-30 dBV)

Operating relative humidity: Max 90% at 40 °C

Matrix reference: Center of the capsule holder

Mixing to B-format: W = FLU + FRD + BLD + BRU / X = FLU + FRD – BLD – BRU / Y = FLU – FRD + BLD – BRU / Z = FLU – FRD – BLD + BRU

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Updated on July 11, 2023

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