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Accessing SOCI Network Video Storage

ACCESSING NETWORK STORAGE Mounting Network Share on Mac Clients

Use the keyboard shortcut Command+K to reveal the Connect to Server dialog box.

In the Server Address field, enter the following address:


And then click Connect.

The Mac will then prompt you for your staff or student user ID and password.

Enter your details and click connect.

Select the volume backup_socividbak and click OK to continue

Access to the folders contained on the share will be assigned permissions based on staff users (access to all folders) or students and their enrolled courses. i,e. Students enrolled in CMNS2035 will only have permission to offload video files to that particular course folder.

Any access or read/write issues should be reported to Technical Staff to follow up with IT Services by submitting a support ticket below.

Technical Ticket
Updated on June 27, 2023

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