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How to Prepare & Submit a Filament 3D Print – Guide


You must have completed two inductions before submitting files to the 3D Printers or booking any piece of equipment in the Makerspace. The General Induction and the City Makerspaces Induction, these can be found via the induction catalogue:

How to Guide

1. Discuss

If this is your first 3D print, you must discuss with your technical officers before submitting your files.

  • Things to ask yourself first before talking to the Tech Staff:

    • What size does it need to be?
    • Do I need multiple copies?
    • Does it need to be flexible?
    • Does it need to be transparent?
    • Will it be painted?
    • Is smoothness key?
    • Is accuracy important?
HCISS Ultimaker 3 Extended Printers

2. Decide

Decide on your print material

PLA (pearl white)  |  ABS (white) | Tough PLA (black)

* current stocks as of September 2020

The Technical Staff (G03) will all be able to help with these decisions.

3. Prepare

Prepare your file. Unless you are printing connecting parts, your files can be of any size within the 3D space, they will be scaled when imported into the printing software Cura.

Generally the best print results will be achieved when using an .obj or .stl file type

The maximum print size with one print head on our Ultimaker 3 Extended is 200 x 200 x 300mm (LxWxH). Using both print heads reduces the maximum build size by 15mm in the length and width to 185 x 185 x 300mm.

4. Submit

You can download Cura for free to get an estimate of how much filament and time your print will require.

The printers are operated by the Technical Staff (G03), they are able to send off prints during their work hours – leaving printing to be done over night if required.

5. Collect & Pay

Pay for your files via the Print Media Payment Portal on pick-up. Put in a Technical Ticket Request or visit the technical staff in G03 to get a costing of your 3D prints. Collect your prints from the Makerspace Print Lab (UNHG07)

If you have any issues, please submit a technical ticket issue or see the University House Technical Staff in G03 for assistance

Updated on July 7, 2023

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